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Tic Tac Toe Mini Eco Bag


Business: Poppy and Daisy
Location: Little Mountain, Queensland

Poppy and Daisy is a small business run by Helen from her home in Little Mountain, on Queensland's Sunshine Coast. She is a mum of 2, you guessed it - Poppy and Daisy - and she started this business after realising the gifts her daughters had received at their birthday party was basically a pile of plastic. So she created a business focused on providing sustainable gifting options. You're sorted sorted for gifting for life now! Thank Helen later. 

Tic Tac Toe Mini Eco Bags 


The Tic Tac Toe Mini Eco Bags are heaps of fun and the perfect boredom-buster when travelling.

Children get to make the tic tac toe set, and then enjoy over and over again!

Roll out the clay, cut the discs, push the shapes in and wait a day for the clay to dry (the hardest part). Voila! It’s time to play.

The party bag itself is the grid to play on, as well as the travel bag to carry your game around in.

Perfect for 2 to enjoy together and keep entertained!

What's in the bag?

-Tin of air drying clay
-Wooden rolling pin
-Metal cutter
-Wooden shapes
-Calico bag that is also the grid to play on

This just the perfect for eco stocking filler!

Proudly handmade in Australia using environmentally sustainable materials and packaging.


Poppy and Daisy kits are not suitable for children under 3 as they contain small parts. We always recommend adult supervision.

Please note that this item has a particular product or safety warning. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

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