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The Wheat Tote


Business: Little Echidna Home
Location: Tenterfield, NSW

Glenda started Little Echidna Home to showcase timeless pieces which are part of our Australian nostalgic history and to bring these wonderful products, like waxed canvas and enamelware, back to life for use in every household every day. Beautifully designed, no plastic, practically unbreakable and so very beautiful and durable.

Our favourite tote in all the land!

Constructed with durable waxed canvas and finished with brown tanned leather, the Tote is a blank slate waiting to be marked with the adventures and stories of use. This is the holy grail in unisex carryall totes: practical and perfect in every way. This tote was built to endure. Beautiful and durable you can take it everywhere. 

Waxed canvas originated in the sailing industry in Scotland in the 1920s and became widely used in sportswear and apparel because of its waterproofing abilities and superb durability.

waxed 14 oz canvas | leather handles | brass rivets | 38cm wide, 36cm deep | 2 large exterior pockets | 3 interior pockets | letterpressed leather Little Echidna label

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