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The Fishnet Tote


Business: Seafarer Supply
Location: Northern Rivers, NSW

Seafarer Supply is a passion project by Alana, from the Northern Rivers in NSW. It exists as an outlet for tangible design and practical necessity to suit the lifestyle of those who live by and for the sea. 

Fishnet Tote

Your new fresh produce go-to bag.

Tote Measures 40cm w x 32cm h (approx)

Handle Height 34cm (approx)

The Fishnet Tote is handcrafted in Indonesia using Ata Grass, a type of strong and durable vine that allows for very fine weave. After the bags are woven by hand, they are dried under the sun for a few days, and then “smoked” over coconut husks to dry and strengthen the weave. The brown colour develops naturally in the “smoking” process. As these bags are handmade, kindly allow for slight differences in colour, size, shape, finishes and weave which is the beauty as no two bags are the same.


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