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Seeded Christmas Card - 'A Little Tangled'



Business: Seed and Ink
Location: Mildura, Victoria

Seed & Ink was created by Mildura mum, Bec Grayling, who has basically changed the way we look at greeting cards. Instead of them being something you grab last minute that ends up in recycling, Bec has made the greeting card a focal point of gift giving. 

I mean, you plant the card and things will literally grow from it. In this current batch of cards we got from Bec, you can choose from with fragrant Thyme or Swan River Daisies. 

✥ Eco-friendly, plantable seeded cards
✥ 100% Australian designed and made

The cards and their packaging are completely biodegradable! Even the cellophane bag is made from natural materials, which means they can be composted. Tick, tick and tick!

Each card is blank inside, includes planting instructions on the back and comes with a brown kraft paper recycled envelope.

To grow your seeds, simply soak the paper in water until soft then place on seed raising mix (in pot or ground) and lightly cover. Give it a little water to ensure the paper stays moist and germination should take between 7 - 21 days in ideal soil conditions.


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