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Rosy Organic Lip Tint


Business: Peggy Sue
Location: Corrimal, NSW

Peggy Sue is an Ethical Australian brand, run by women, for women. All of their products are made right here in Australia, and their aim is that they help you help you feel beautiful and loved, the natural way. 

Lip Conditioner, but make it rosy
The nourishing Lip Tint is a beautiful blend of natural, vitamin rich ingredients, that offer a beautiful hint of rosy red colour, while working to deeply hydrate and restore lips, protecting them against the outside elements. This Lip Tint will not only keep your lips nourished and moisturised for hours, but will keep them looking plump, rosy and full of life. 

Beeswax- Creates a shelied which can help protect the lips from the harmful rays of the sun
Coconut Oil- Vitamin rich oil, working to  Hydrate + Nourish.
Shea Butter- deeply hydrates, reduces inflammation, restores dry skin.

To Use: Apply desired amount to lips. Use daily, or as desired.

| Size: e 5.5ml | no palm oil | no petroleum | no parabens | no sulphates |

Ingredients: beeswax*, shea butter*, fractionated coconut oil*, olive oil*, pink grapefruit essential oil, natural mica. -*Denotes organic 

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