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Recycled Wool Travel and Picnic Rug - Green and Navy


Business: Waverley Mills
Location: Tasmania

As Australia’s oldest working textile mill (established in 1874), Waverley Mills produces designer wool products that are beautifully crafted and made to last. Using the finest quality wool, alpaca and cotton, Waverley Mills uses skilled craftmanship and sustainable practices to produce iconic blankets, rugs, throws, scarves and recycled blankets.

The perfect all rounder picnic blanket and rug
Made from 100% recycled wool fibre. The recycled fibre is made up of merino wool shearing waste, unused wool fibre, off-cuts and older blankets shredded, spun and blended together to make the recycled yarn. This yarn is then dyed and woven into a tartan design.

The colour specks in the yarn is from the recycled parts. After the throw is woven the fibre is brushed to give it an even softer feel to the skin.

Cold Washable on hand wash cycle as per label instructions.

Size: 150cm x 172 cm


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