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Huon Pine Mist


Business: Linii
Location: Penguin, Tasmania
The Huon Pine conifer is endemic to Tasmania and grows only in the wet temperate rain-forest of the State’s west and south-west, with some living to reach an age of 3000 years. It is Australia’s oldest living tree and is one of the oldest living organisms on earth.
The name is drawn from the last five letters of the pine’s botanical name – Lagarostrobos Franklinii.

The Huon Pine Mist
Use this amazing mist to bring the temperate rain forest of South West Tasmania into your home. Use in personal spaces to freshen linen, bedding, clothing, carpets etc

Contains Huon Pine, Purified Water, 0.005 % Alcohol , Epsom Salts, Cedar Oil and Lemon Grass Oil.
Huon Pine Mist can be used in and around cupboards and hard surfaces to deter pests. As it has a great oil content it will protect your family for a long time.
You will get over 500 sprays from a 100ml bottle.

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