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Annas Liberty Wheat Pillow


Business: Annas of Australia
Location: Emerald, Victoria

Made in Australia and coming in an array of traditional, classical, vintage and vibrant designs. Annas of Australia have recently released a new range of products including these wheat bags. Both made with gorgeous Liberty Fabric. And quite frankly, we're wrapped about it. 
These wheat bags are filled with local barley and organic lavender.

Smells beautiful, feels even more beautiful-er!
We know that's not a word, ok. But it should be, because there aren't many others that capture how gorgeous the smell and feel are of these heat packs. 

We'll take suggestions on descriptors though. 

We will select you a heatpack that compliments your other purchases, unless we hear from you with a specific request. Please email within 1 hour of purchase with your request.

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