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HeatPacks from Tasmania



Business: HeatPack from Tasmania
Location: Tasmania

What do you do when you realise you live next door to one of the two last factories in Australia to still weave Australian wool? HeatPacks from Tasmania owners felt grateful and wanted it to keep trading for ever. So they crafted a new breed of heatpack!

With a view to sustainability they've created eco-friendly products from Australian Merino wool woven in Tasmania. And they carefully select local and natural materials for their comforting & therapeutic Heat - Cold Packs.

It's the Perfect Winter Warmer!
Heat & Cold Pack made with Australian merino wool woven in Tasmania and filled with Tasmanian Lavender buds and wheat. Size : 34cm x 10cm Weight : about 550g

Instructions: Microwave for 2 minutes then 30 second intervals until desired temperature is reached, or freeze in a sealed bag.

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