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Grown ups Beanie - Dusty Pink and Grey


Business: Burrowed
Location: Kings Meadows, Tasmania

Ree Smith is the maker and creator behind the Burrowed brand. Each individual beanie is handmade by Ree herself, and we think that is pretty incredible. Ree has worked in and for various ventures and businesses for the past 12 years and it’s her life experiences that help inspire and keep her craft evolving. She’s a bit of an introvert and homebody, who enjoys the relaxed, warm and comfortable environment of being Burrowed at home.

Toasty, luxurious and handmade in Tasmania
Let Burrowed keep you warm this Winter with one of our ever-popular knitted pom pom beanies - for grown ups! 

These gorgeous toasty beanies are made from a luxurious wool and acrylic blended yarn, providing comfort without the itchiness.

The sizing is suitable for an average-sized females head.
Sizing is only a suggestion, due to the stretch and flexibility of the beanies.

If you want a colour that you aren't seeing here, shoot us an email at and we just might be able to stock that colour for you in the future.

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