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Dream Essential Oil


Business: Franki & Coco
Location: Figtree, NSW

Frank & Coco is the love-child of 3 busy mums who have enjoyed the benefits of using essential oils for many years. 

They know just how hectic life can be, so their products are created with positive intention to make your lives easier. They hand-make all our products using only pure (organic wherever possible) essential oils and use zero waste packaging where possible. 

🌾 Use this beautiful baby safe [over 3 months] blend to help your little one sleep. It works like a dream!

Apply to soles of feet and wait 24 hours for allergy test. If no reaction is apparent, apply to temples before sleep.

Fractionated coconut oil, essential oils of lavender, cedarwood, chamomile, petitgrain.

- Keep away from children
- Do not ingest
- Avoid contact with eyes and broken skin
- Not for children under 3 months.

Each bottle is 15ml

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