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Lazy 8’s Breathing board


Business: Array of Whimsy
Location: Dubbo, NSW

Emma Lyons is the founder of Array of Whimsy, and she loves creating things, just like this, for her children. But luckily for us, she's decided to share those skills and creations with Australia. 

The Lazy 8 board is a wonderful tool to not only calm and focus a child’s mind, But it helps activate both the left and right side of the brain with its continual flow across the midline of the body.

A great writing warm up activity for the kiddos before a homework session, or to simply relax the mind.

Including a wooden stylus and 4 wooden balls.

This wooden board has a food safe oil to seal the wood and simply wiping timber with a damp cloth will keep it clean. You can re oil to maintain wear.

As this item is handmade using wood, it may have slightly different woodgrain and colour from what you see in the photo. Each piece is unique. Labyrinth is approximately 35 x 17cm.

This product contains small parts and is only suitable for children 3 years and above.

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