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Venus Aromatherapy Bath Bomb


Business: Essential Bath Time
Location: Byford, Western Australia

Essential Bath Time is a small business, founded, owned and operated by Monique. She has built a business from the ground up and prides herself in hand making 100% of the indulgent bath, body, and home products with the finest ingredients gifted to us from Mother Earth.

Each bath and body product is carefully handmade with beautiful organic oils to nourish your skin and high quality fragrance or essential oils to enlighten your senses.

 Treat yourself or someone else to a luxurious bath

Meditation is a beautiful grounding Aromatherapy bath bomb with grounding base notes of cederwood and Frankincense, And notes of Lemon and Rosemary to help Focus and centre the mind.

Bring your self to peace and mindfulness as you soak in the power of essential oils.

Meditation is drenched with certified organic oils to Nourish the skin, leaving you grounded with the Aromas from a selected blend of essential oils and your skin Nourished with skin loving oils.


Please note that this item has a particular product or safety warning. Please see our terms and conditions for more information. 

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