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100% Linen Bondi Scarf


Business: Raw Fibre
Location: Armidale, NSW

Tracy Wright has created a unique label which, as the name suggests is focused on manufacturing garments using beautiful natural fibres.

Tracy’s rural origins have resulted in her seeking inspiration from the natural environment and the beauty it encapsulates. A passion for quality fabrics and yarns, contributed to Raw Fibre’s first collection which is a collaboration of classic designs in linen, cotton and silk.

If we had to sum up Raw Fibre products in just few words, they'd be; timeless, high-quality and adaptable.

You 100% need this 100% Linen Scarf for Summer

This gorgeous scarf is made from the finest printed linen. The scarf is a perfect addition to your wardrobe and will complement both day or evening garments.

Print: Bondi
Fabrics: 100% Linen
Care Instructions: Gentle hand wash, dry cleanable.
Size: 45cm x 180cm

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