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Bush Jars - by Bushwalk Candles



Business: Bushwalk Candles
Location: Montville, Queensland

Bushwalk Candles are handmade using natural beeswax sourced from local bee keepers in South East Queensland. Arabella, the owner and creator of all Bushwalk candles, first melts the beeswax that still holds some of the delicious golden honey within its cells and then blends it perfectly with her bush scents and oils to create these naturally amazing bush scented beeswax candles. 

If you've ever worried about what a burning candle is putting into the air in your home, then these candles are for you. No nasties for bubs, dogs or you! And that is just one benefit of buying something that is made in Australia, by Australians, using Australian ingredients. 

What does Australia smell like to you?
These Bush Jars will recreate the many scents of the Australian bush for you to enjoy in your own home and rekindle memories of long bush walks and camping trips away.

Bush Walk – aromatic blend of red gum, eucalyptus, ironbark, wattle and lemon myrtle
Bush Honey – floral blend of banksia, grevilia, bottlebrush and golden wattle
Fruit Damper – fruity blend of spiced citrus peel, outback whisky and fresh honey
Sandalwood – earthy blend of spiced wood and resin with a zest of finger lime
Billy Tea – leafy blend of bush tea and honey, infused with eucalyptus and gum


-Beeswax from local beekeepers
-Flat braid cotton wicks
-100g of beeswax per jar
-Approx 18 hours burn time
-Great gifts for friends & family
-Easy to post around Australia

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