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Bahen & Co Chocolate



Business: Bahen & Co
Location: Margaret River, WA

Bahen & Co makes stone ground chocolate from bean to bar.  A traditional approach to chocolate making that returns to a slower pace of a previous time. The chocolate factory operates from the family farm in Margaret River - Western Australia.  A region with a raw natural beauty and strong community that supports the efforts of its small producers.


Rose and Raspberry // Here field ripened raspberries meet our house blend chocolate, then finished with Persian rose petals.
Ingredients : Cacao Beans, Organic Raw sugar, Raspberry, Rose Petals & Natural Rose Oil.
Weight : 75g 

Almond and Sea Salt // The Bahen&Co House Blend chocolate meets the finest of almonds, slow roasted with our farm grown olive oil. Finished with hand harvested sea salt. 
Ingredients : Cocoa beans, organic raw sugar, Margaret River olive oil, Australian almonds, Maldon sea salt. 
Weight : 75g 

Guatemala // Perched on the steep slopes of the Oana Itzam Mountains. Indigenous Mayan farmers cultivate a distinctive cacao. Find flavours of cookie dough, banana & soft caramel tones.
Ingredients : Cocoa beans and Organic raw sugar 
Weight : 75g 

Organic Milk Chocolate // Madagascan cacao from the Somia Plantation, combined with organic milk. The combination is distinctively creamy with notes of caramel & shortbread.
Ingredients : Cocoa beans, organic raw sugar, organic milk powder, organic cacao butter.Weight : 75g 

Madagascar // Established in the Sambirano Valley - circa 1920's. This rare heirloom farm produces a lively chocolate of citrus, rum & raisin flavour.
Ingredients : Organic cocoa beans and organic raw sugar
Weight : 75g 

Colombian Coffee // Cacao & Coffee - From the plateau of Popayan, this Colombian coffee is sourced. The slow roasted Arabica beans are stone ground with our cacao to make a rich expresso bar.
Ingredients : Cacao Beans, Organic raw sugar, Coffee beans
Weight : 75g 

Chilli and Salt // The flavour combination was perfected by the ancient Aztecs. Flame roasted chilli varietals meet the House Blend chocolate. Finished with a dusting of flaked sea salt.
Ingredients : Cocoa beans, organic raw sugar, roasted chilli, flake salt 
Weight : 75g 

Honey Macadamia Organic Milk // Slow roasted Australian Macadamias drizzled with Jarrah honey meet meets the bahenand co organic milk chocolate.
Ingredients : Cocoa beans, organic raw sugar, organic milk powder, organic cacao butter, macadamias & Jarrah honey.
Weight : 75g 


Topping off a gift hamper with one of these finely crafted chocolate bars? Let us know if you want a handwritten note or wrapping included in the notes when you checkout. Or get in touch: 


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