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Salt Foot Scrub - Revive


Business: Bushwalk Candles
Location: Montville, Queensland

Bushwalk Candles are handmade using natural beeswax sourced from local bee keepers in South East Queensland. They first melt beeswax that still holds some of the delicious golden honey within its cells. This pure beeswax blends perfectly with our bush scents and oils to create our amazing bush scented beeswax candles. 

What does Australia smell like to you?
The Bushwalk Candles 'Bush Spa' salt foot scrubs are handmade in small batches using natural Western Australian sea salt, mineral rich Epsom salt, skin soothing organic coconut oil and native Australian essential oils and botanicals.

• RELAX - Anise Myrtle Scrub is a fresh, sweet aniseed salt scrub for your feet – perfect after a long hot day or exercise, this scrub will clean, deodorise and relax your feet. This scrub contains activated charcoal made from coconuts for an odour absorbing and detoxifying finish.


• REFRESH – Bush Balm Mint Scrub is an energising mint salt scrub for your feet – perfect for hot and tired feet, this scrub will clean, invigorate and refresh your feet. This scrub contains organic mint leaves for natural colour and exfoliation.


• REVIVE - Blue Gum Scrub is a refreshing, minty eucalyptus gum salt scrub for your feet – perfect after a long walk, this scrub will clean, soothe and revive your feet. This scrub contains organic myrtle leaves for natural exfoliation. 

These natural ingredients blend together perfectly with native Australian essential oils to create naturally scented salt foot scrubs that embrace the essence of the Australian bush.

-Western Australian sea salt
-Mineral Epsom salts
-Organic coconut oil
-Australian native essential oils
-Screw top aluminium tins
-100g per tin
-Great gifts for friends and family
-Easy to post around Australia

-Scrub gently on to wet feet using a circular motion
-Focus on the dry areas around your heels
-Leave to soak in for 5 minutes to maximise hydration
-Rinse off – take care if using this product in the shower as the coconut oil can make the floor slippery

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