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Natural Crayons



Business: Mikoo Kidz
Location: Riverina, NSW

Mikoo Kidz came to life in September 2017 by Courtney, a mum on maternity leave with her second child. Her first child, Myah, had a passion for arts and crafts, and loved using (and eating!) crayons. So Courtney did some research, and ti turns out that many commercial crayons have nasties in them. So she started making her own safe and natural ones - and we are so glad she did!

Collect them all! 
There are 5 different sets of Mikoo Kidz natural crayons to collect with dusty roo, and we'll stock more as Courtney makes more. The different sets you can get right now are:

- In the Jungle
- Building Blocks
- Dinosaur Land
- Secret garden
- Robot World

Every set of natural crayons are handmade from natural sustainable waxes and non toxic colour pigments. Each crayon contains no paraffin wax and no soy wax and are 100% safe for your little ones. 

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